Capital Region Emergency Radio Coordinators Committee

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We are dedicated to... 

Communications for

Disaster Recovery/Emergency Preparedness

"When all other communications fail"

Disaster/Emergency Communcations is a Commitment!

"Amateur radio is a hobby"

CRERCC is a dedicated group of Emergency Radio Coordinators

and their Deputies throughout the Capital Regional District.

REPORTED AUG 6 2016: VE7SCC RMS TRIMODE 3571.6 & 7091.6 "Offline" until further notice.

CRERCC Net  - Wed. 19:30 hrs

Net Script Ver 3.2

Online - Weekly Report

View - Past reports

Primary - Repeater 146.980 (103.5)

CRERCC Meeting for January 19 2017 is at Saanich @ 1900 hrs.

CRERCC Meeting for January 19 2017 is at Saanich @ 1900 hrs.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a positive and mutually supportive environment in which every Local Authority within the

Capital Regional District has the opportunity to participate in the development and coordination of the highest quality Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Services ensuring their provision during times of disaster and major emergency.


The purpose of this website

To keep the public, emergency personnel and interested amateurs informed about us.

Some of our regular activities include a weekly exercise HF/VHF/UHF nets held on Wednesday evenings

at 1930 hours on our primary repeater on 146.980 with 103.5 Hz, Secondary on 145.430 with 100 Hz tone and a backup simplex on 147.570.

Our monthly meeting is held on the last Tuesday of the month (except December, July and August) at 1900 at the location listed above. Other activities include packet training and participation in regional exercises.


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If you see anything that need correcting or updating please

send email to Ed VE7ED or Gil VE7GLT


CHAIR - Don MacLeod - VA7KOC

Scribe - Brian Webb - VE7WBT

Webmaster - Ed - VE7ED


2016 EMBC Training Task Number - 170035

(No funding attached to that task number expires 31mar2017)

Application for Task Number - Policy 1.08

(contains links to 1.01, 501, 5.07, & 5.08)


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